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Capital Campaign


Why a Comprehensive Capital Campaign?

Since The Country School’s founding in 1955, its facilities and operations have consistently reflected the concept of “country simplicity, being upgraded periodically through fund-raising campaigns.”  During the 60th Anniversary Campaign completed five years ago, much was accomplished to upgrade many of  the physical indoor and outdoor learning spaces we value today, one commensurate with the quality of teaching that takes place. 
We embark today on a multi-year endeavor to expand the financial health and campus effectiveness of The Country School, with the same ambition as the generations who built the campus where our community thrives today. This 70th Anniversary Campaign has a physical plant component while the school also secures its financial future. 

Capital Funds

Engineering Facility
& Makerspaces

Endowment Funds

Established in 1962 by parent donors and the Board of Trustees, ​​our endowment secures The Country School’s future for the generations of students and educators yet to join our school. “Until now, we did not quite have the courage to put money where it could not be touched [investment savings].” (Board Chairman Clarissa V. Dundon, 1963.)  The General Endowment includes the following endowed funds:  Teacher, Founders Promise Fund, MacLane, Coyne, Outdoor Education, Public Speaking, Sarah Barber Fund.
Since 2001, more than $900,000 has been generated from the endowment “draw” to support annual operating expenses at The Country School. The general endowment fund is similar to a savings account that generates income from the investment of the principal. When a gift is made to the General Endowment Fund, the gift is invested and allowed to grow while simultaneously producing income. While the donated principal is never touched, an annual distribution from the earnings supports the school’s students and teachers. A gift to the endowment is a gift that secures the long-term health of The Country School forever. Endowed gifts serve as powerful tools, benefiting the short and long term stability and growth of our students and faculty. The Talent Within Capital Campaign seeks to more than double our total endowment. Today, our endowment totals nearly $3.5 million.

Annual Fund

The Country School Fund

Country School counts on $280,000 in donations every year to support the Annual Fund.  These funds for operational expenses preserve the strong educational program for students and help maintain a balanced budget. 
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Annual Fund Goal: $280,000

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