The Country School
Capital Campaign

Engineering Facility and Maker Space

Hands on happens here!  The new Engineering Facility and Maintenance Center will provide a much needed permanent location for our Maintenance team for all campus projects.  The student Makerspaces will bring design thinking to life for students to create meaningful and relevant interdisciplinary projects.  Here, in these two new “classrooms,” students will learn the process of imagining, creating, evaluating, and trying again and will be equipped with all the tools needed for creating and tinkering! Our Engineering Facility and Maintenance Center will support design thinking and project based learning across the disciplines. 

As a STEAM school, we emphasize each of the five elements of STEAM and are proud of how our curriculum has evolved. We now have the elevated concept of building a modest but appropriate Engineering Center that will provide students with two innovative Makerspace classrooms adjacent to our maintenance crew and all our scattered equipment. This model is the only of its kind in the Country–where the real engineering work of the school is housed along with the student engineering learning space.

The total cost is some $1.3 million for construction, outfitting, and architectural fees.  Friends of the school who are in a position to help underwrite aspects of the building in the name of specific teachers or to honor family members or their children have already committed nearly $755,000.
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