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John Lee Public Speaking Endowment Fund

Founded in 2022 in memory of Dr. John Lee and in honor of Dr. Lee’s wife, Sang, and children, Emma ‘22 and Kai ‘25, the John Lee Public Speaking Endowment Fund celebrates courage at The Country School by securing the delivery of excellent and effective public speaking education. One of The Country School’s signature programs, Public Speaking nurtures young leaders to speak comfortably and confidently, assertively and intentionally, in all arenas of life, to adults and peers, family and strangers. 
Knowing and using their voices and empathetic listening, our students learn that what they have to say is important and that what others have to say is worth hearing. Country School students learn that successful orators understand and engage their audience in specific ways that can be taught and learned. From our youngest PreSchool learner to our 8th Grade Elmore Leaders, Country School students mature as public speakers through guided and deliberate practice.  

Through the John Lee Public Speaking Endowment Fund, The Country School broadens delivery of explicit public speaking instruction and develops during school and after school programming.

John Gwin, CEO The Auctus Group

Dr. Lee was a kind, generous, thoughtful, intelligent, fair, giving human.  Dr. Lee impacted us because he cared about helping others grow.  It is in that spirit that we are proud to help carry on the passion to inspire and foster growth in others through the John Lee Endowment Fund.
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