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Sarah Barber Performing Arts Endowment Fund

In 1990, visionary Sarah Barber along with her colleagues acted on their passion for integrating the performing arts into the classroom. The team focused on fostering passion through the arts, as the arts hold a unique capacity to inspire and ignite passions, and in doing so, help connect students to one another, to their local community, and to the world as a whole. In doing so, Performing Arts at The Country School explores the importance of awakening and developing students’ personal passions, and how those passions are vital to deep and meaningful learning.
The Sarah Barber Performing Arts Endowment Fund honors past, present, and future performing arts educators including Sarah Barber, Nan DeLucia, Susan Wiles, Victoria Wepler, Brett Merrill, Emily Hope Webster, and JR Howe.

Commander Robert Ballard P’08,’12

Sarah Barber is the best teacher I have ever known.
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